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We offer you a whole range of the design, refurbishment and building services.

Our Key Areas

Interior Design

For us, design means the real art of comfort arrangement of any living space. The real design helps to discover the inner world to an owner of a flat. Every centimeter of your space conveys a meaning. Beauty and functionality is the essential condition for a genuine design.


Refurbishment is a long and continuous process requiring much time and nerves. If letting your refurbishment concerns to the specialists, you shall enjoy the whole process when your dreams come true.




Building is an absolutely particular area implying critical responsibility. Compliance with the existing standards and stated terms including high quality of the executed works plays such a significant role in this area, which is not to be matched.


Landscape design is able to help creating the incredible and harmonious sceneries even on the small areas.


Who We Are Studio is a multi-functional designing and engineer-building company offering its services for a wide range of the clients requiring high quality together with exclusivity.

Just ideas are not sufficient to make the designing and building projects a reality. For this, the detail drawings and visualization are required to be created as well as creative approach, high quality, developed contacts with the manufacturers and suppliers and the experienced team of the designers and constructors. All this is a part of our team arsenal.

We are full of the creative plans and glad to consider your suggestions covering the projecting, designing and building works of any scope using our own rich personnel, engineering and production potential.

Besides, our activity includes the following services:

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