About Us Studio is a multifunctional designing and engineering-building company. Unifying the high-skilled architects, engineers, designers and managers the Company offers a wide range of the clients requiring high quality together with exclusivity a full range of the designing and building services.

Just ideas are not sufficient to make the designing and building projects a reality. For this, the detail drawings and visualization are required to be created as well as creative approach, high quality, developed contacts with the manufacturers and suppliers and the experienced team of the designers and constructors. All this is a part of our team arsenal.

We are full of the creative plans and glad to consider your suggestions covering the projecting, designing and building works of any scope using our own rich personnel, engineering and production potential.

Our main goal is to realize your desires as well as to put them into proper architectural shape.

Your delight as a result of the works we executed is important for us.


Cooperating with us you might be sure that you shall obtain a high-quality result regardless of the terms and circumstances. Our team unifies the specialists dedicated to their work when hobby means profession. Our products are as good as these ones of the world leaders engaged in this area. We have created a regular quality control at every stage of the project, which minimizes the number of the errors and allows our customers concentrating on the creative aspect of the whole work. Minimizing correspondence and number of the alterations of the project our clients are free for more significant tasks.


We always complete the works on time. Addressing to us our client might be sure to have the results in due time. In our Company the project works are staged. Staging of the management system allows us being well up in the whole process and making required corrections in proper time. Always, we are aimed to develop efficient work at most and to use skillfully the available resources, which allow us implementing many projects on a tight timetable even the most complicated and non-standard ones.


Our services allow our customers saving on building. Our main rule is to give more than to take. So and in no other way we might advance. We do not believe but we see the direct evidences every day. Always, we do our best to give our customer more than promise: consultations, partners, resources, contacts, necessary relations and other useful information favoring success of your project.

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