We work with a great number of the private and corporate clients. We understand their business and it allows us presenting practical solutions, which are the most efficient for the specific circumstances. We offer a full range of the services including projecting according to the corporate standards, selection and supply of the materials, furniture and equipment including delivery. Complex servicing allows us considering the interior designing process as a whole and saving money and time of our client at every stage of the work.



Unlike many companies our Studio is not headed by the businesspeople or the entrepreneurs.
Our Company has been founded by the professional designers and architects. Due to this fact, our style is invariable.  Due to this fact, we are recognized everywhere.


Crew-and-designers connections

As a result of many years’ joint work our crews and designers are on the same wave. It happens often to execute large works for the second time when certain fines are not understood clearly.


Fast start-up of the work

In the course of our communication we form an approved requirements specification where your exact desires are listed. Two or three days later we start the preliminary refurbishment works on the basis on the prepared drawings.


Virtual tour

We suggest you 3D virtual tour across your future house as an optional service. It has an optimal effect of a complete immersion into your flat.


Surveillance cameras

Besides, we connect your object to the video surveillance system as another optional service. Due to this system you might be at any point of the globe and follow the whole work process if Internet connection is available. 


Personal account

Just after the repair-and-construction works have been started, we create your personal account at our website where we issue the every day report covering the executed works. You might see the number of the purchased and used materials.

Proper management and past experience allow our masters starting the refurbishment works three or four days after your design project is started.  When our designers obtain the full requirements specification and your approval of layout and furnishing (it takes from three to four days), our draftsmen start the work on the working drawings to carry out the start-up refurbishment works. The main drafts include the electric, sanitary engineering drafts and the walling and dismantling drawings.

We put all our energy into the work.

Our masters might work according to the simple sketches. Such an understanding between a designer and a master helps avoiding many possible troubles. And in turn, it saves you from constant control of the masters.

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