Interior Design

For us, design means the real art of comfort arrangement of any living space. The real design helps to discover the inner world to an owner of a flat. Every centimeter of your space conveys a meaning. Beauty and functionality is the essential condition for a genuine design.

Landscape Design

Landscape design is an art at the turn of three areas. On the one part, it includes architecture, building and designing (engineering aspect). On the other part, it covers botany and plant growing (biological aspect) and on the third part, the historical and philosophy data are used in landscape design (especially the culture history matters). Besides, the practical actions covering landscape gardening and improvement of the territories are called as landscape design.
As opposed to gardening and farming, landscape design is more general and universal area. The main goal of landscape design is creation of harmony and beauty in combination with usability of the building infrastructure.

Refurbishment Works

No doubt that professional refurbishment of the flats is not the cheapest pleasure but when obtaining a recondition flat as a result, which shall make you happy for a long time, you’ll understand that the thing was worth the effort and the expenses. Charge the professionals with the refurbishment on turnkey basis. We execute all types of the repair and finishing works within the optimal terms. We offer you the real costs of the services, which is equal to quality of the work and materials. Refurbishment is a process, which is enough complicated and it is required to consider many factors evident for a specialist and hidden from the inexperienced eyes.

Construction Works

Arrangement of new construction works is a complex, long-term and many-stage process. Approved execution of all stages ensures optimization of the time and financial expenses as well as allows avoiding unpleasant surprises in the course of building and operation. The construction process covers a whole range of the works.

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