Interior Design What Does It Mean?

For us, it means the real art of comfort arrangement of any living space. The real design helps to discover the inner world to an owner of a flat. Every centimeter of your space conveys a meaning. Beauty and functionality is the essential condition for a genuine design.

Design Project Stages

Qualitative refurbishment of a flat or cottage starts up from development of a design project. Any competent design project is a large and labor-intensive process. You have the chance to see beforehand furnishing of your future flat as well as conceive the interior details, think over the role of every interior element as a part of a whole composition including floor, ceiling and lighting sources creating an image, which shall comply with your inner world.

We divided a design project in three stages

1. Planning

We are aimed to use efficiently the space/ All accepted standards and the requirements of the owners are considered. After approval of the plan the working drawings are issued covering walling, sanitary engineering and electricity (spots, wall lams and hidden light which might be arranged at the sketch stage are not considered).

Interior design includes:

2. Modeling and Visualization

After approval of the design solution the customer select the most convenient version on the basis of the given sketches. Then, the sketch is developed in details till its full correspondence with the customer’s requirements. After, we model and visualize all areas of the object considering the customer necessities and discussing the ready sketches.

This stage includes:

3. Technological Stage

In the course of this stage the working documentation required for implementation of our design project is to be developed.

The following is under development at this stage:


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