Landscape Design

Currently the landscape design services are much sought after and high demand is evidence of this fact. The up-to-date landscape design is far from the simple gardening, which was popular earlier. Today this is a real science and the art of territory transformation when the nature opportunities are in combination with our comfort view and beauty is realized via functionality.

Design Sketch

Enjoying many-years experience we implement the boldest and the most original ideas in landscape design.
The landscape design service includes creation and implementation of the ideas of landscape gardening and improvement of your cottage territory. And the very first step is a design sketch development.

Design Sketch is a guarantee that your preferences shall be heard and implemented by a designer. Therefore all projects are started up from sketch development.

Landscape Design Service Scope

Making of the Requirements Specification

We are to find out which style is preferred by the cottage owner, which areas are preferred to be improved on the yard, number of the family members, the sizes of the guest areas on the open air as well as the budgetary limit set for the improvements. All wishes of our customer are considered in future to create the landscape design together with the areas and positional relationship of the separate areas.

Measurements of the Area

  1. Measurement of the area boundaries considering the cardinal directions
  2. Definition of exact location of the buildings and other functional zones
  3. Clarification of the communications’ location on the area
  4. Development of the scaled scheme of the area relief where the cardinal directions are indicated together with the buildings and communication lines’ layout

Photo Fixation of the Area

Photo mapping of the area from the various points and directions to define the most winning and poor views.
Making of the photo archive from the various angles

Inventory of the Existing Planting

We define the number of the plants on the area as well as their exact location and condition. The, we decide on possibility to use the existing planting in the landscape design or on necessity of their removal from the area.

Preliminary Landscape Designing

The scaled scheme of the area includes location, form and area of the separate zones, the road scheme, location of backyard and garden, location of the gates and wickets.
Preliminary scheme (or several versions of the project) and often 3D visualization is to be approved with the customer and redeveloped partially or completely.

Making of General Layout

After harmonization and approval of all details of the landscape project by our customer we develop a detailed layout for its further implementation on the area.

The following documents are issued for the customer:

  1. House- or other point-oriented Layout Construction Drawing (general and for every separate objects)
  2. Planting Drawing for the  tree and shrub planting workers including the legend (description), assortment list and dendro-plan for the large-size plants
  3. Explanation Note

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