Refurbishment Works

Your home improvement is a complicated process, which hides many unforeseen nuances. To improve your flat at high quality level without any problem the most optimal method is to ask the specialized company, which is able to execute all works according to your personal wishes without waste of time, money and nerves. Studio is a well-coordinated team of the professionals, which acquired a good reputation at the flat refurbishment market. It is possible to sort the skilled masters engaged in the flat improvements only during the long years of the work. And we succeeded in it. Our key principle of the work is quality and reliability. We do not divide our clients as poor and rich ones. We estimate on the basis of the facts and your wishes.

Any customer obtains maximal quality within his or her budget limits. Following the rule “Every customer is to be happy” we consider every order and every time we provide with high level of work results.

We are proud that all our clients are happy with us and advice our service to their friends who become our customers, too.

Cooperation Advantages:

  1. We shall detail the whole future process prior to start our work
  2. We shall present you our past works
  3. We shall give you advices covering design and assist when finding solutions covering non-standard issues
  4. Harmonization and development of the projects
  5. With our help, you might enjoy discount for the whole assortment of the construction materials required in the course of refurbishment (fasteners, dry blends, plasterboards, studs, plumbing, electricity materials, doors, windows, tiles, floor coverings). As a result, you save significantly.
  6. Detailed photo reports in the course of the works. They shall help you to control the executed works when you are absent. And in future it shall help to avoid disputable issues.
  7. Clear work schedule (both general and day one). From our part, we shall manage the whole process to achieve comfortable cooperation for you.


Refurbishment Works’ Implementation


Actually any refurbishment starts up from the dismantling works: the old wallpapers are removed together with lacquer and paint covering, floors, laminated flooring board. The non-required separation walls are dismantled as well as the tiles and old faience is removed. The main task of the dismantling works is preparation of the base (walls, ceiling, and floor) for further finishing works. The base is to be dry and cleared from all construction materials used earlier. It often happens, that non-qualitative execution of these works results in decrease of durability of the whole refurbishment works.


The flat separation walls are made from the bricks. These walls are fastened only to the floor and the side walls. The gap equal to 3 cm is left between the wall and the ceiling. It is required to avoid pressure on the separation wall during house settling. This requirement is critical for the new buildings since such settling might spoil significantly the ready refurbishment during two or three years.


The next stage of refurbishment includes plastering. Generally, such works are performed in the flats with the help of the ready-made plasters.

Heating Mounting

The heating equipment and communications are laid out and mounted after the plastering works have been finalized.

Mounting of Water Supply and Sewerage Systems

Water supply and sewerage systems are mounted at the same time as the electric installation works. At this stage it is required to define strictly with layout of all sanitary ware in the bathrooms and kitchen. Then, it is necessary to select all faience elements and give their exact mounting schemes. The following works are to be performed^ wall chasing, water supply pipes’ mounting, assembly of the plumbing equipment. When mounting it is critical to control the level of the communications outputs for the mixers, which are to be equal to the wall level as well as all outputs are to correspond to the mounting schemes.

Electric Installation Works

After the plastering works are completed, the stage of electric installation works is in process. For this, it is required to make of the layout of the sockets, switches and main consumers. Then, on the basis of these data the design calculation of the loads and a complex of the works covering wiring routing is to be performed.

Plaster Stab Works

After filling of the overlays it is required to perform the plaster stab works after a certain interruption, which is to be equal to one or two week depending on the humidity level. We use only moisture-resistant plaster stab since it might resist against leakage and high humidity level. When assembling the constructions we follow all rules set for mounting of the frameworks. If it is not assembled according to the stated rules, no meshes or glass clothes save the construction from the cracks. By the same reason all constructions are to be covered with two layers. Our Studio performs the plaster stab works of any complexity. At this, we do not make such forms, which do not allow carrying out the qualitative painting. Many pictures with fancy forms of the ceilings and walls are perfect on the photos but in real life this image is really sad.


Perhaps, the most complicated stage of the whole refurbishment process is finishing of the bathrooms. Tiling is a labor-intensive process and requires enough time. Good results require high attention and accuracy from a worker. Also, quality of the tiles affects final result of the work, which might be defined only when the tiles are delivered at the object since it changes from one batch to another and it is not real to define which exact tile shall be supplied when in a shop. Unfortunately, the following rule is effective for the tiles: the quality become worse depending on beauty of the tiles, on complexity of the works, on number of the framing, borders and decors. Pay attention to the size of the tiles. For instance, 20x20 cm tile shall be more even against 20x40 cm tiles, i.e. quality become worse if your tiles are bigger and longer. In the course of the work we give more detailed recommendations covering this issue.


One of the key stages of refurbishment includes the painting works, which consist of a whole complex o the various works: installation of the painting separators, wall and ceiling priming, joints’ sealing and gluing of glass cloth on the plaster constructions, stopping and grinding of the walls and ceilings for painting, painting of the walls and ceilings, gluing of the walls.


It is recommended to start up any work with wood only after the tiling and painting works are completed as well as moisture is removed from the spaces. Laminated flooring and parquet boards are to be laid on the floor when the space is absolutely ready. Soft bottom layer made of foamed material or granulated cork is used as sound insulator and leveling layer. The doors and the doorframes, the stairs are to be installed at the last turn and often these actions are to be performed together with furniture installation.

Sanitary Ware Installation and Connection of Electrical Equipment

Sanitary ware equipment and the electric devices are to be installed after finalization of such works as tiling, finishing of the walls and ceiling and cleaning.

Finishing Works

Finishing works mean qualified works completing finishing of the walls and ceilings of the spaces. Significant time from total scope of the refurbishment works is required for them.

Final painting works include painting of the walls and ceilings, gluing with the wallpapers and covering with armor coat. The surfaces are to be treated preliminary with the priming mixtures. Painting is to be covered with two or four layers, everyone is to be dried. Painting works results in high level of evaporation of huge amount of water but it is prohibited to ventilate the spaces till full drying of the wallpapers, paints and finishing mixtures.

The complex decorative coatings are considered as the separate group of the especially labor-intensive finishing works, including: thin-layer Venetian plaster, fiber flocks, texture paints and other texture coating.

Also, the finishing works include mounting of the plinths, cornices, finishing of the ceilings with plaster and aluminum panels, wood decorative boards and mounting of the decorative panels, etc.

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