Human activity is rather wide and diverse, and construction area is one of the most significant activity areas. Construction is a general term and the construction work is one of the key constituent parts of this notion. Actually the works called as the construction or building ones mean a whole range of the various acts and events, which are aimed to construct a building. The construction works’ term is a total name of a multitude of the various construction actions.

Construction of the Cottages and Country Houses

Our Studio shall assist you in implementing any standard or individual projects developed for construction of the cottages and country houses.
Construction of the cottages and country houses is a rather complex activity requiring consideration of many factors and deep special knowledge and skills.
The specialists of our Studio enjoy huge experience in building construction from various materials according to various technologies. We are always ready to give you our hand when performing your cherished desire and to build your own dream house!

Key Advantages

Due to the fact that construction of the buildings on turnkey basis is estimated at a considerable price and takes much time, every customer is interested in the related advantages. Therefore we are under constant development and offer the most beneficial cooperation conditions:

Our Foremen

In our Studio only highly qualified foremen work/ They have huge experience in construction works of any level of complexity. The essence of the work performed by such specialists is simple. They are to control quality of the whole range of the executed works.
Skillful construction foreman controls strictly quality of the executed works at any stage of construction beginning from laying of foundation to building healing. All master engaged in the construction works are controlled by this specialist.

Development of house project

Development of the projects or house designing is a creative work when the house projects are created for the builders who follow them in the construction process. Also, such documents include development of the well-thought architecture and constructions of a private country house.

Construction preparation

At this stage the works covering arrangement of the access roads to the construction site as well as energy supply are to be performed. Also, plan layout has to be executed including transfer of all axes from the design drawing together with the sizes of future foundation to the land area.

Zero cycle

The zero cycle works make up from 5% to 15% of the total scope of the civil and erection works on the object, and their cost makes up to 20# from the total cost of the works (excluding the finishing works).

Zero cycle is considered as completed when erecting the building substructure /when achieving the mark of project zero (+0.000) – the mark of the floor of the ground floor/.

Main cycle

Assembly of a building frame (case) (except for wall finishing and roof coating)

… is considered usually as a part of the works covering carcass assembly. If the windows and external doors are included in the related works’ list, additional time is required to complete this stage of the works.

Finishing works

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