Constuction of exclusive custom-made furniture

Typical projects

Much of modern production presented in catalogs of popular furniture hypermarkets , are performed according to standard designs and mass produced , which leads to a reduction in the quality of the final product . Traditionally are used materials and technologies , such as handmade , using solid wood and natural leather , etc., are replaced by simpler and more economical. This is done to speed up the manufacturing process and reducing production costs . Because of this, it does not fully meet the desires of the consumer.

Exclusive furniture

However, exclusive furniture made in a single copy, is elegant and high quality and allows you to create a unique interior of the home. The exclusive design ensures the uniqueness of finished products, as a specialist designer develops the concept of furniture set, based on the specifics of a particular order. This approach allows us to optimally realize the client's wishes and serves as a guarantee that such products are performed in a single copy.

Requirements for materials

The main requirements that apply to materials for the manufacture of designer furniture sets are high quality and presentable appearance. To create the product of this type are used metals, stone, wood, leather, glass and fabric. Depending on the client's wishes for decorating and making the individual parts can be used and more exotic materials (solid wood and veneer rare breeds, suede, Alcantara, quartz, glass, slate, mirror, etc.).

DESIGNER.AZ» assists clients in all stages of design and furniture making. In our company's services included work of designers to develop future style headset, selection of varieties of materials, selection of colors to paint the customer service designer in the development of products, etc.

Delivery times depend solely on time customer approval and signing of the finished drawings of the project.
In order to clarify the details and place your order for the development of a suite of furniture, please contact the «DESIGNER.AZ» via email or call the number indicated.

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